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First Wave Sebastian Spence Subject 117 (extract 1)

, between the elected (Cade Foster, Sebastian Spence), and ... The GUA !...first wave sebastian spence subject 117 pilot 1

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First Wave Sebastian Spence Subject 117 (end)

That's the beginning of a war without mercy, between the elected (Cade Foster, Sebastian Spence), and ... The GUA !
I know you are here !

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First Wave Sebastian Spence Subject 117 (extract 2)

beginning of a war without mercy, between the elected (Cade Foster, Sebastian Spence), and ... The GUA !...first wave the

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Crossing Trailer

thrills and perils of crossdressing. Stars Sebastian Spence, Crystal Buble, Bif Naked, Fred Ewanuick...Bif Naked sebastian spence buble crossing ewanuick Roger Larry Sandra

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Actors fan video/ "Distance" of Karsh kale

Corin Nemec, Sebastian Spence, Ray Liotta with music "Distance" of Karsh kale...Johnny Depp Skeet Ulrich Brad Pitt Corin Nemec Sebastian Spence Ray Liotta

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Shock to the System: A Donald Strachey Mystery

When hard boiled private eye Donald Strachey (Chad Allen) finds his latest client dead, an apparent suicide, Albany's favorite gay detective smells a rat and decides to take matters into his own hands. With the help of his straight-laced but adoring husband Tim Callahan (Sebastian Spence) and his occasionally too-eager assistant Kenny Kwon (Nelson Wong), Strachey's investigation leads him on a dark and dangerous trail into the world of "gay conversion therapy" - a twisted mix of psychology and religion designed by Dr. Trevor Cornell (Michael Woods) to turn homosexuals "straight". With a cast of sexy young suspects at the heart of the mystery, and a standout performance from pop culture icon Morgan Fairchild as a wealthy socialite with a few secrets of her own, this second installment of the successful "Donald Strachey Mysteries", based on author Richard Stevenson's much-loved book series, is sure to leave even the most jaded audiences in "shock" -

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Jordan Radcliffe & Cade Foster : A Love Story

In this video Cade takes on the role of the "Spacer" and Jordan is the woman in love with her "Starchaser"! All events takes place in "First Wave" third season and the song is performed by Disco icon Sheila & B.Devotion.

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They Call Her Jordan ( Fischerspooner Version )

Jordan Radcliffe journey through the third season of "First Wave"!
Jordan Radcliffe is clearly not someone to mess with in the serie but ,above all, she is deeply wounded by what the Gua had done to her and her family and you can clearly see that she's not as though as she appears to be... To this day I think it's one of the best role Traci has ever played on television.

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My Favorite Bad Boys-Bloodrave

Multifandom vid to Rammsteins Bloodrave. For entertainment Only. Clips property of their respective owners and their affiliates. Bloodties,Supernatural,First Wave,Mutant X,Smallville,Prison Break,Buffy and Wolf Lake

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Timmy Undercover

Timmay! A scene from "Third Man Out"...third man out Donald Strachey mystery sebastian spence chad allen

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Crossing Premiere, Roger Evan Larry Speaks

Producer Roger Evan Larry speaks at the premiere of Crossing. Bif Naked, Sebastian Spence and Crystal Bublé are amongst the attendees...Crossing Movie Premiere Vancouver

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