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SWE Week 14 John Wesley vs Bobby Lashley - ECW Rules

John Wesley(5talk3r) vs Bobby Lashley(TakerMan19) in an ECW Rules Match
After Death Row was fired Evolution announced that they would recruit anyone who could take out Rhino and Bobby Lashley who beat them last week.

Music:'Speedballin' by Outkast
'Big Guns' by ACDC

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batista & bobby lashley & john cena vs finly.. p1

batista & bobby lashley & john cena vs finly.. p1...batista bobby lashley john cena vs finly.. p1

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WWE Figure Match Bobby Lashley vs. Jeff Hardy

a match between Jeff Hardy and Bobby Lashley and it's a hardcore match. enjoy the video.

P.S this is my first time doing stop motion like this so take it easy.

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WWE Figure Match Stop Motion Bobby Lashley Vs. RVD

this is a WWE Figure Match with my brand new way of making videos, STOP MOTION!!
Bobby Lashley Vs. RVD!!!!!!


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Battle of the billionaires bobby lashley vs Umaga final part

end...bobby lashley vs umage wwe wrestlemania 23 vince mcmahon donald trump money svr 08 is gonna bomb lol

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Bobby Lashley!! ECW

Bobby Lashley!! ECW...Bobby Lashley ECW

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Bobby Lashley vs. Sabu - ECW Extreme Rules - SvR 08 (PS2)

This is an ECW Extreme Rules match between Bobby Lashley and Sabu, as requested from "HoshiKashi". I played as Lashley.


*No longer taking requests (for now). Let me take care of the many I've received already, and I'll open up the suggestions again. Thank you guys for watching and requesting. Here is the complete list of all the upcoming matches, along with who requested them:

Money in the Bank - CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Rey Mysterio vs. HHH vs. HBK vs. Undertaker - hardyisraw

Elimination Chamber - Undertaker vs. HHH vs. Edge vs. HBK vs. Cena vs. Randy Orton - HunterTwin

Tag Team - MVP and Kenny Dykstra vs. John Cena and HBK - tnacage123

Parking Lot Brawl - MVP vs. Matt Hardy - dumberconman

Hell in a Cell Tornado Tag - Undertaker and Kane vs. CM Punk and Bobby Lashley - TheDutchrocks

Six-Man Elimination Tag (Survivor Series) - MVP, Mr. Kennedy, and Finlay vs. Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, and Rey Mysterio - ahk1991

TLC (Great American Bash) - The Hardys vs. Rated RKO - bigjbak

6-Man Tornado Elimination (No DQ) - ECW Originals vs. The New Breed - simnys978

Fatal 4-Way ECW Extreme Rules - Terry Funk vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Sabu vs. Sandman - miguelyarturo

Hell in a Cell - Umaga vs. John Cena - nascar3and8

Fatal 4-Way (WrestleMania 23) - John Cena vs. Batista vs. Undertaker vs. HBK - poreya1 [Play as Taker]

Elimination Chamber - Undertaker vs. Edge vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Shane McMahon vs. Sabu vs. Jeff Hardy - glockjohnny

Handicap - Undertaker and Kane (BoD) vs. Matt Hardy. - sharonlover

ECW Extreme Rules Tag Team - Tommy Dreamer and Sabu vs. Brothers of Destruction - wrestlegod4

ECW Extreme Rules - Shane McMahon vs. HBK - nispeewachman [Play as Shane]

Ladder Match - Jeff Hardy vs. John Cena - SuperSaiyanGogeta4

ECW Extreme Rules Tag Team - Sandman and Sabu vs. Undertaker and Kane - returned3

ECW Extreme Rules - MVP vs. Jeff Hardy - CARERSHOES

Hardcore Triple Threat Tornado Tag - Dreamer and Funk vs. Rock and Foley vs. DX - KilamajaroKen

ECW Extreme Rules - Dreamer vs. Cena - miguelyarturo [Play as Dreamer]

Cage (Tag Team Title Match) - MVP and Mr. Kennedy vs. The Hardys - killerkillerrealreal

6-Man Torando Tag - CM Punk, John Cena, and Batista vs. MVP, Undertaker, and Kane - adamfishon

These will all be played and uploaded within the next few days. Just give me time. Thanks again to everyone!

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Bobby lashley vs Mr.Kennedy

Bobby lashley vs Mr.Kennedy for the united states championship......ucw bobby lashley mr. ken kennedy wrestling figures toys

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batista & bobby lashley & john cena vs finly.. p2

batista & bobby lashley & john cena vs finly.. p2...batista bobby lashley john cena vs finly.. p2

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bobby lashley vs john cena pt2

ffgg...bobby lashley john cena

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Batista Vs Bobby Lashley Vs Boogeyman Vs Eddie Guerrero Vs S

Batista Vs Bobby Lashley Vs Boogeyman Vs Eddie Guerrero Vs Stacy...Batista Vs Bobby Lashley Boogeyman Eddie Guerrero Stacy wwe smackdown raw diosdelos4elementos shurikens16 undertaker

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Bobby Lashley Entrance

Bobby Lashley Entrance...Bobby Lashley Entrance Music Video WWE

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John Cena vs Bobby Lashley Part 1

Part 1 see 2 this is a video game...wwwe wwe John cena ve bobby lashley king jstar

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john cena vs bobby lashley second part

john cena vs bobby lashley at Great American Bash 2007 part 2...john cena bobby lashley great american bash 2007 part 2

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WWE - Bobby Lashley - Entrance Video

Once again I cannot say that I own this clip it is oned by World Wrestling Entertainment....WWE Bobby Lashley Entrance Video

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The Undertaker vs Bobby Lashley in SvR07

The Undertaker vs Bobby Lashley in Smackdown vs RAW 2007...jericho

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Bobby Lashley And Finlay

Smackdown! Vs Raw 2007...svr2007 finlay bobby lashley wwe smackdown vs raw 2007

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SWE Week 11 Rhino & Bobby Lashley vs Batista & Daivari

Rhino(5talk3r) and Bobby Lashley vs Daivari and Batista
Rhino and Lashley won a chance at the titles last week, but tonight they have to put their contendership on the line against Batista and Daivari who beat the Dudleys in Singles Matches last week.

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Bobby Lashley Tribute

A Bobby Lashley Tribute made with Windows Movie Maker with the song Straight to the Bank by 50 Cent....Bobby Lashley Tribute Straight to the Bank WWE

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Smackdown vs Raw 2008 Rey Mysterio vs Bobby Lashley

CPU WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2008 will be launched in the UK on November 9th 2007...Smackdown vs raw 2008 rey mysterio wwe bobby lashley ecw s

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Bobby Lashley vs John Cena part2 bobby lashley john cena wrestling

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Bobby Lashley Audio Shoot Interview 1/2

Bobby Lashley Audio Shoot Interview 1/2...Bobby Lashley Audio Shoot Interview wwe tna wcw

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John Cena Vs. Bobby Lashley: Smackdown vs RAW 2008

john cena vs bobby lashley...john cena bobby lashley smackdown vs raw 2008 ecw

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SvR '08 - Randy Orton vs Bobby Lashley

Randy Orton vs Bobby Lashley in SvR 2008....smackdown vs raw 2008 randy orton bobby lashley

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